The new Walker Mower Model R21

Introducing the all new Walker Mower Model R

Walker Mowers new residential model – R21

See the new residential Walker Mower R21 – bring home fast, easy beautiful mowing.

The Walker Advantage – Balance

Whether you are mowing hillsides or making high-speed zero-turns, a Walker Mower provides you the traction that allows you to mow with confidence.

Walker Mowers “Floating Deck”

Overview of Walker Mower’s “floating” deck allowing it to follow ground contours.

Walker Mowers Grass Handling System (GHS)

See how the Grass Handling System (GHS) of a Walker Mower works

Walker Mowers Grass Handling Options

Walker Mower’s grass handling options: Hi-Dump®, Power Dump, No Catch Deflector, removable Dump Bins, dump bag, GHS exhaust screen with large holes

Walker Mowers Decks

Walker Mowers Mower Deck Video

Walker Mowers Deck Adjuster Options

Walker Mowers Deck Adjusters including manual Deck Height Adjuster, mechanical Deck Lift, Power Deck Lift, Curb Jumper Ramp and the Mulch Kit for 52″ (132 cm)

Walker Mowers Steering & Manoeuvrability

Walker Mowers Steering Lever System, Unique Manoeuvrability

Walker Mowers Attachments overview

Walker Mowers have a range of attachments for year-round mowing jobs

Walker Mowers Attachments

Spring tine Dethatcher, Perforator (aerator), boom sprayer, bed shaper, chipper

Walker Mowers Tyre & Wheel Options

Walker Options including low profile and all terrain drive tyres, wide drive tyre, tail wheels and add-ons

Walker Mowers Quick-Change Implements

Quick-Change Implements including tail weight, 46″ (117 cm) dozer blade, loader bucket, debris blower, 47″ (120 cm) rotary broom, 42″ (108 cm) and snow blowers

Walker Mowers Operator Compartment Options

Walker Mowers Options, Seat options, Arm rests, headlights, instrument cover, comfort seat, suspension seat

Walker Mowers Production & Servicing

Walker Mowers short overview of the Production and Service of machine

Request a Walk Mower Ride-On DEMO

The only way to truely experience the Walker Mower Advantage is to ride one! You can find a local accredited
dealer near you by clicking the link below, and book a DEMO today.