Not just assembled – engineered

Every detail of the Walker Mower has been proven in the field; every design element has been tested and refined. As a result, each mower is highly reliable, tuned to perfection and manufactured to give top mowing performance to the owner. 

Greater than the sum of its parts

  • Enhanced operator comfort, with large contour molded seat, “natural” control placement and full view of the mowing area.
  • Compact overall size permits mowing and trimming in tight areas, eliminating extra trimming.
  • Quick and agile manoeuvring with intuitive dual hydrostatic steering.
  • unobstructed trimming and smooth cut from a good operator view over the front-mounted mowing deck and tractor unit rear wheels.
  • The Walker “floating” decks follows the ground contours with a flexible deck suspension and spring counter-weighting for a fine finish.
  • Balanced and safe operation even on slopes assured by a low centre of gravity.
  • A range of interchangeable mower decks for a variety of mowing situations; 36″ – 74″ size and dedicated grass collection, side discharge or mulching operation options.

No other mower operates this easily

Equipped with operator-friendly fingertip steering and with Forward Speed Control (FSC), the Walker Mower goes precisely where you want it to go with little effort.

From the drive position, the Forward Speed Control (FSC) uses a friction lock to work as a cruise control, allowing the operator to control the mower by simply applying pulling pressure to the steering levers.

To stop, pull the FSC back to the neutral /park position.

Forward/reverse, zero radius turns, and braking are accomplished by lightly pulling the steering levers, while Forward Speed Control adjusts and holds forward speed, functioning as a “cruise control.”

The operator relaxes since it isn’t necessary to hold the steering levers forward when cruising. Steering wheels, gear shifts, and foot pedals are all eliminated, for nearly effortless handling.

Access to working parts

Quick, easy access to the machines’ working parts for service is integral to the Walker design.

Every Walker features a Tilt-Up body, quickly exposing the engine, electronics, drive-train and drive belts making maintenance and cleaning easy. No special tools or equipment are needed. Simply release the body latch and the gas spring-assisted enclose opens for unobstructed access to all the Walker components.

All Walker decks tilt-up for easy and safe maintenance. It takes seconds to unlock and secure the deck in an upright position, providing access to the blades, housing and chute.

The Model H Tractors also have an optional Power Tilt-Up® deck lift, perfect for maintenance, transportation and storage.

Hydro-axle Units

Two hydro-axle units, one for each main wheel, are mounted “nested” in the chassis, providing independent wheel drive, and make the machine especially compact.

Walker’s clean, simple axle design eliminates the maintenance of chain drives, the bulkiness of transaxles and the complexity of hydraulic wheel motors found on other dual hydrostatic mowers.

Interchangeable Mower Decks

Interchangeable mower decks and attachments are quickly and easily mounted and removed using a two-pin hitch system and a sliding drive shaft connection.

Whether handling grass, leaves, debris, all Walker Mowers are designed for year-round productivity.

Decks can easily be switched for larger, smaller, collection or mulching decks to suit the task.

Walker offer a variety of add-ons including the Dethatcher, Boom sprayer, Dozer blades; the Walker Mower is one of the most versatile mowers available.

Grass Handling System (GHS)

Grass collection and vacuuming capability were designed into the Walker tractor unit right from the start. Walkers exclusive Integrated Grass Handling System (GHS) offers powerful vacuum action, clog resistance and high capacity without the bulk of typical grass catcher “attachments” found on other mowers.

At the front end, the rear discharge mower deck (with twin counter-rotating blades) ejects grass clippings straight back into a specially designed, internally mounted ten-inch paddle wheel blower.

In turn, this blower packs clippings and debris into a low-profile, moulded polyethylene grass catcher.

The entire system fits into the mower’s basic design and does not increase the overall dimensions or limit manoeuvrability in any way, providing unobstructed catching while mowing or trimming.

(GHS is only for 35″ – 52″ Decks)

PowerFil™ Delivery Spout

Inside the GHS grass catcher, the patented PowerFil™ oscillating delivery spout evenly spreads grass clippings and ensures the catcher is packed full, even when grass is extremely long or wet.

To prevent overfilling and clogging, the Grass-Pak™ full signal automatically warns you when the catcher is full and ready for dumping.

Hinged Grass Catchers

The 6.7, 7.0 and 9.5-bushel grass catchers are hinged to tilt back for fast, easy dumping.

The catcher either tailgate dumps or dumps directly into optional dump bag.

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