Size and Maneuverability of Walker Mowers

Walker’s compact size and manoeuvrability allow efficient mowing and trimming of small to medium landscaped areas — places where other rider mowers simply won’t fit, and walk-behind mowers or trimmers would otherwise be required. Virtually any area that can be cut by a walk-behind mower can be mown faster and more easily with a Walker, including berms, rolling contours, irregular areas, curbs, street dividers etc. With a variety of interchangeable deck sizes up to 74 inches, a Walker mower handles the larger jobs too. Many Walker owners report their jobs are completed 33 to 50 per cent faster, thanks to the improved manoeuvrability, reduced operator fatigue and elimination of secondary trimming. Walkers’ range of powerful, compact ride on mowers offer the efficiency of a single machine mowing and trimming the whole job.

Manoeuvrability & Precision steering

Agility Test

The agility test is an excellent way to demonstrate the cumulative effect of compact size, balance, precision steering and handling on a mower’s ability to complete common mowing tasks quickly. The standard rules of the test are to complete the course as quickly as possible while trimming within two inches of each object without any tire spin or other turf damage.

Side-Discharge Performance & Flexibility

A side discharge Walker coupled with the 52, 56, 62, or 74-inch mower deck is perfect for large maintenance operations where grass catching is not required, such as college campuses, athletic fields, parks and open community spaces. Walkers’ modular deck design offers the flexibility to change to smaller side discharge or mulching deck, for mowing smaller areas. For the manicured look in high visibility areas, Walker GHS thoroughly vacuums grass clippings, leaves, sticks and lawn debris. Even for areas where grass clippings are not collected on a year-round basis, the seasonal use of the GHS mower for spring and autumn clean-up is important to many operations (with the ability to switch to side discharge or mulching decks during the middle of the season).

62-inch Side-Discharge Deck

64-inch Rear-Discharge Deck

42-inch Mulching Deck

More Capability for the Walker Mower

Walker Mowers can be adapted in mere minutes to multiple grounds maintenance uses, with several front ended mounted attachments and implements extending the base tractor units’ functionality. The same manoeuvrability and easy handling that makes a Walker great also saves time when using these additional attachments. Walker is on the job, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

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