The Walker Advantage


Completely original by design, we like to say that Walker Mowers are, “Different for the Right Reasons.” Learn about the seven reasons why a Walker Mower is one of the most productive mowers on the market.

Beautiful Cut

Since the ’80s, the Walker Mower has been providing an economical way to cut lawns beautifully. By design and unique features, the out-front Walker deck gives operators results that are different.


Interchangeable mowing decks and width options; collection and non-collection choice, and a variety of attachments and accessories make a Walker the perfect zero turn mower for every mowing need.


Beautiful Cut


Mowing By Design

Walker’s compact size and manoeuvrability allow efficient mowing and trimming of small to medium landscaped areas — places where other rider mowers simply won’t fit, and walk-behind mowers or trimmers would otherwise be required.

Walker Owners report a 50% faster completion of the job from the Walkers manoeuvrability, reduced operator fatigue and no secondary trimming.

The integrated Grass Handling System (GHS) and interchangeable decks make it the perfect all-year mower. Adaptable for multiple grounds maintenance uses, and along with easy handling, the Walker Mower is great to use, save you time and use all year.

Test the cumulative effect of compact size, balance, precision steering and handling on a mowers ability to handle tasks quickly.

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Efficient Drive

Anatomy of a Walker

Walker Mowers are not created on an assembly line. They have been engineered. Every single detail of a Walker Mower has been refined and tested to ensure durability and robustness.

The result of which means that each of mowers is highly reliable, each of them adapted and manufactured to provide a quality mowing experience for the owner.


Every one of our Walker Mowers has a single purpose, to manufacturer beautifully cut lawns every single time. Each of our Walker mowers has been designed and regarded as a separate engineering opportunity. Meticulous attention to detail is essential to delivering a mower that creates beautifully cut grass every time. Gardeners are given this ability when they use our out-front Walker decks resulting in exceptionally defined cuts of grass.

Here’s what Walker customers are saying

Villa Maria, Auckland NZ

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Rob & Amber, Hastings NZ

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Wayne Bengelli, Tauranga NZ

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9 Tips to buying a Zero Turn Mower

Often, buyers are tempted to base their purchasing decision on factors that are not fundamentally sound: empty features like maximum ground speed, excessive horsepower, or lowest price (often at the cost of quality, capability or performance). We think there are a few things you need to know before signing on the bottom line.

Walker Mower Videos

There’s nothing like seeing a Walker Mower in action in person. But the next best thing is seeing them in video. We have a range of videos to help you choose the right Walker Mower and deck. But the next best thing is seeing them in videos. We have a range of videos to help you make a decision to buy. View the Videos page here.

Brochures & Manuals

For those considering a Walker Mower there are a comprehensive range of brochures and manuals.

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