With the addition of the new Multi-Deck® the Walker Mower is now more versatile than ever. This new cutting deck has the capability to collect, side-discharge or mulch the grass and, true to Walker reputation, it does each job beautifully.

Acclimatised for NZ

Special versions have been customised for NZ mowing conditions.
Manufactured with heavy duty cast iron drive train.
Stevens Products single lever Deck Height Adjuster comes standard with all Walker Decks in NZ .

Five Reasons to Choose Multi-Deck®:

  1. One mower does three types of mowing.
  2. Quick, easy changeover of cutting modes (no tools)
  3. Professional results in each mode.
  4. High quality, fully welded construction.
  5. Swing back Mach II blade system for optimum mulching in your conditions and protection against impact.

How the Multi-Deck® works:

Simple and straightforward baffle system changes the cutting modes without tools. The baffles are secured with hand knobs to achieve the various configurations. The tilt-up allows quick and easy access to the underside of the deck. The changeover between cutting modes is done in less than a minute. When you invest in a Walker Mower you get long lasting quality, versatility and a machine that will always mow your lawn beautifully!

NB: The information given here about our products is as accurate as we can make it at the time of writing. However, our products are constantly being refined so it remains your responsibility to check details before making any decisions based on this information.

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