Precision Steering and Handling


Steering a Walker is intuitive and nearly effortless, with controls that are light, yet precise and responsive. The patented Forward Speed Control (FSC) functions similarly to cruise control, allowing the operator to set a base speed, while still allowing steering and braking input to temporarily override the FSC, for relaxed, precision control without operator fatigue (unlike other lever-steer mowers, where holding the control levers forward is required).

A mid-mount lawn or tractor mower turns less easily, with greater resistance on the front wheels due to the forward mounted weight of the engine, increasing the likelihood of understeer, or of rear drive wheel slippage at speed that can damage turf. The only solution is to drive a mid-mount slower when manoeuvring, a penalty the Walker doesn’t suffer.
With a Walker, precision trimming, detail mowing, and beautiful mowing patterns are easily AND RAPIDLY accomplished by the experienced operator.

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