Integrated Grass Handling SystemExclusive Integrated Grass Handling System (GHS)

Grass collection and vacuuming capability were designed into the Walker tractor unit right from the start. The exclusive Walker GHS (Grass Handling System) offers powerful vacuum action, clog resistance and high capacity without the bulk of typical grass catcher "attachments" found on other mowers. At the front end, the rear discharge mower deck (with twin counter-rotating blades) ejects grass clippings straight back into a specially designed, internally mounted ten-inch paddle wheel blower. In turn, this blower packs clippings and debris into a low-profile, molded polyethylene grass catcher.
The entire system fits into the mower's basic design and does not increase the overall dimensions or limit manoeuvrability in any way, providing unobstructed catching while mowing or trimming.

Inside the Grass Handling System

Powerfil Delivery Spout

Inside the GHS grass catcher, the patented Powerfil oscillating delivery spout evenly spreads grass clippings and ensures the catcher is packed full, even when grass is extremely long or wet. To prevent overfilling and clogging, an automatic signal horn warns when the catcher is full and ready for dumping.

Hinged Grass Catchers

Walker Dump BagThe 6.7, 7.0 and 9.5 bushel grass catchers are hinged to tilt back for fast, easy dumping. The catcher either tailgate dumps or dumps directly into optional dump bag.

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