1962–1972: Walker Power Truck

Walker Power TruckFowler, KS (1962): Designed because the golf car was a seasonal product with a narrow market, the Walker Power Truck offered year-round production potential and provided opportunities for wider markets. The Power Truck was designed as a run-about vehicle for industry, but some were used for mail delivery, pizza delivery, and other assorted tasks. Later on, it was also adapted to a floor scrubber for factories and Navy aircraft carrier decks.

Closer to home, young Dean Walker was using his Power Truck as a main form of transportation and a project vehicle. Modified with a special exhaust system, a manual transmission, and painted blue, Dean’s Power Truck was a speeding bullet around Fowler, but it also offered a hint that he might have inherited his father’s design gift. A lawn mower attachment was also built at this time, and Dean would take his Power Truck into town to mow Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s lawn.

Casper, WY (1968): Financial limitations and the lack of local industrial suppliers drove the company to relocate to a more industry-oriented community. The company was sold to some investors and moved to Casper, Wyoming in 1968. The new company was still called Walker Manufacturing, and the product was still the Walker Power Truck, but Max merely worked for the company — he had no management authority or input, while working in the area of product development. Inexperienced and poor management drove the company into financial difficulty. The company eventually closed after a couple of years.


Walker Power Truck Walker Power Truck Walker Power Truck
The Power Truck had many uses One version of the truck was a personnel carrier   A design ahead of its time  
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