1953: Walker Power Track

Walker CaterpillarFowler, KS (1953): Bob Walker turned 7 years old and received a Christmas gift he was sure to never forget. Max Walker had really outdone himself. The full-time farmer had put in many hours, after long days on the family farm, to give his son a child's dream — a miniature model Caterpillar.

The miniature Caterpillar — later known as the Power Track — was originally powered by pedaling, but was later driven by a 4HP Kohler engine. Although the Power Track brought hours of enjoyment around the farm for Bob and his siblings, Ruth, Dean and Nina, it also served as a way to demonstrate Max's gift of equipment designing.

The Power Track was shown at the Kansas State Fair in the late '50's with good interest. There was initial discussion about manufacturing the Power Track and making the leap into the manufacturing business, but limited tools, equipment, materials, and money prevented that from happening at the time.  

The Walker Family 1953 Bob Walker with his Caterpillar The Walker Family Farm

Circa 1955 — The Walker Family: Dean, Ruth, Margaret, Max, Nina, and Bob


Bob pushing dirt with his miniature Caterpillar The Walker Family Farm: Fowler, KS
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