1980–2005: The Walker Mower, Current Years

Current Walker Mower 2014Walker Manufacturing attended their first national power equipment show in September 1981, and national marketing started in 1982. Times were tight, but throughout the 80’s, it became evident that the original ideas of a manoeuverable, compact mower offering a superior cut would be well-received by commercial cutters and discriminating homeowners alike.

The advantages of the out-front design emerged quickly as different attachment ideas surfaced, including a snowblower, rotary broom and dozer blade. The 1988 introduction of the enclosed gear axle (ahead of other ZTR competitors) was a major advantage. Engine improvements were also made throughout the 80’s, including the first commercial-grade engine in a Walker — the 16HP Kohler Magnum. The early 90’s brought the introduction of compact V-Twin and diesel engines, and Walker took ahold of both ideas with the designs of the Model MD (Diesel) and MT (Twin). The late 90’s introduction of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine technology was also a high point in production. All of these improvements were made while maintaining virtually the same compact size of the original design. Deck sizes and tractor options also expanded over the years. 

In 1990, the company moved into a new 76,000 square-foot facility while losing none of the 12-machine-a-day production. Production increases over the years brought about two additions to the building that now houses 216,000 square feet.

The Walker Mower is distributed throughout the United States and 28 other nations and is accepted as a leader in commercial, zero-turn mowers.


Side Discharge Action Walker Snow Blower Aerial Photo of the factory
The Side-Discharge (SD) configuration was introduced in 1982  Many attachments have been designed for the Walker Mower Walker Manufacturing Company - Summer 2003
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